Get inspired to take action and take action to achieve successful outcomes.


Get inspired to take
action and take action
to achieve successful

Vinee Ajmera brilliantly expounds the key tenets of her philosophy viz., communication, authenticity and resilience through her talks and interventions. She is an experienced keynote and TEDx Speaker on domestic and international forums. Her ability to connect and inspire has made her a sought-after positive transformation specialist with her own show on personal excellence on Tata Sky Specials TV. She is the producer and host of the famous Run2Vin Podcast and Rise Careerwise Virtual Summits which are focused on bringing the latest insights, practices, trends and inspiration to success-driven individuals. 

She strikes a chord with her audience by strategically engaging her dynamic yet authentic disposition to effectively convey critical real-life experiences and insights. A high energy speaker, her talks are life-transforming and help people overcome their self-limiting thoughts, doubts and fears to achieve their goals and take on any aspect of life.

Vinee can deliver.

Etch an interesting idea seeded by Vinee or develop one further. Transform your event into a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Learn core competency concepts, methodologies, tools and frameworks for evolving mindsets and developing skillsets. Master the art of continual professional development with an opportunity to network in person with like-minded industry professionals and leaders.

Learn core competency concepts, methodologies, tools and frameworks for evolving mindsets and developing skillsets. Master the art of continual professional development with focus and intensity in online workshops and programs.

Get access to specialized and practical knowledge with contextual guidance from industry experts at our online summits hosted by Vinee Ajmera.

Uncover great insights, ideas and personal stories in an informal setting with conversations or Q&A.

Vinee Talks On

Here Are Just Some Of The Personal Growth And Motivation Topics Covered In Vinee’s Talks:

Pursuit of Brilliance

Executive Presence

Sharpening Communication Effectiveness

Effective Business Communication

Speak Up and Shine

Demystify the Chemistry of Communication

The Art of Not Zoning Out

From Feedback to Feed Forward

Art of Coaching Conversations

Value Through Relationships

The Power of Authenticity

The Resilience Advantage


Success Stories.

Our happy customers fuel our inspiration.

Manish Charatkar
Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri

Vinee not only made our staff better groomed but also helped them to present themselves with poise, calm and confidence. She was energetic and meticulous in her approach and has inspired the entire team to transform into a happy and motivated group with rejuvenated passion and energy! Today the staff not only represents the brand legacy of 150 years but also reflects with strong confidence the traditional cum modern outlook of the brand to our both existing and new age customers. We always cherish our partnership and look forward to many such image and customer engagements in near future.

Achal Mehra
Mahua Resorts

Having known Vinee for many years has consistently reinforced in my views her image of extreme professionalism and dedication to the projects and tasks she undertakes. When we launched our hospitality business in a tiger reserve, we always wondered how the local and untrained workforce would cope with demanding front end customers. We are glad to have engaged Personage for improvement with our workforce in the areas of Grooming, Behavior, Communication. We are very satisfied with the results as we have been consistent on TripAdvisor with excellent ratings and many from our staff get mentioned positively in the reviews. We will definitely engage her in our forthcoming projects in Tadoba and Karandala and recommend her strongly.

Ranjeet Kulkarni
Sun Data Processing

Our business revolves around various functional departments of client organizations. These departments play a critical role in the decision process. To influence decisions, we needed to establish our uniqueness.Personage has helped us identify and express this uniqueness through a well-tailored and well executed curriculum which has helped our sales personnel to establish their own distinctiveness through an improved persona — intrinsic as well as extrinsic. This has helped us enhance our rapport and an improved quality of customer interface

Janaki Devi
Dow Chemical Company

Thank you for the fantastic workshop today, your dedication and passion towards the entire concept of networking was very evident in the way you spoke about it and it really helped me. Loved your concept of the "abundance aura", will definitely remember it throughout my life.

Dr Ali Irani
Nanavati Specialty Hospital

Vinee Ajmera’s seminar for my entire staff on grooming and bedside manners was very informative and useful. I believe, in any profession today, appearance and behavior do matter a lot. Vinee’s seminar has not only helped the physiotherapists but would also help any professional in their respective fields. I wish her all the best and success for the future

Tavish Aggarwal
ACS Solutions

It is very important to have deep-rooted communications skills. I would like to thank upGrad and Vinee Ajmera for organizing the 3-day #workshop and helping me in developing the skill set. The tips and tricks shared are really effective and easy to implement. I have seen improved outcomes across my teams, internal and external stakeholders. My favorite part was the 10 C's of the communication and Art of Leadership conversations.

Sonashree Basu Paul
Legal Research Network (LRN)

Communication is not just about what you say, but how you say it and present it to your audience. Besides that, it is quintessential to know whether the intent of your communication is having the desired impact on the people with whom you communicate. At our workplaces, it becomes imperative that we communicate with efficiency. I am so glad to have learnt a few tenets of Effective Business Communication from the eloquent Vinee Ajmera, who emphasized and explained the importance of the 10 Cs of Communication: Clarity, Confidence, Conciseness, Context, Consistency, Connection, Control, Compassion, Comfort and Courtesy. I would like to thank Vinee Ajmera for sharing her knowledge with us and for providing this enriching experience, also thanks to upGrad for making our weekends fruitful by organising such workshops.

Radhika Dantala
Digital Marketer

I attended your sessions on Effective Business Communication at UpGrad Zoom call and daily I am chanting this mantra of ‘There are more flies with Honey’. I have implemented this in my daily life and I am really grateful for sharing your personal experiences with us.

Sahil Dhatrak

Today I attended your speech in the Talk. I really loved the stories you shared with us and we all learned a lot from it. Your point about self confidence was really helpful as almost every student nowadays lack that confidence that needs to be there to be successful at something. Also the point to be the best version of yourself helped me personally to realize what I love and what I should do henceforth with my career. My friends also learned many things from your speech. Thank you for coming and sharing valuable lessons in order to help us in the future.

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