Speaking Engagements

  • Learn the art of C-A-R from the professional who invented it. Vinee Ajmera, noted TEDx speaker and coach, delivers power-packed and impactful talks that equip you with the right tools to succeed and take on every aspect of life.
  • From skilled persuasion to adaptability, learn the art of mastering the corporate world.intelligence, mindfulness, social skills and more, for coaching effectiveness.

Vinee Ajmera

Vinee Ajmera helps leaders and organizations discover their inner brilliance and speak their truth. She is passionate about communication, authenticity and resilience, the key tenets of her philosophy which she brilliantly expounds through her talks and teachings. She is an experienced keynote speaker and emcee. In 2017, she delivered her TEDx Talk

“Have you started building your CAR yet?”
Vinee strategically engages her quirky yet authentic disposition to strike a chord with her audience and convey critical, real life experiences and examples for effectiveness of messaging. She delivers high energy and life-transforming talks that help people overcome self-limiting thoughts, doubts and fears to ultimately achieve their goals and take on any aspect of life. She is the kind of presenter who everyone wants to be friends with. Her ability to connect and inspire keeps her busy travelling, and she hopes to meet you soon..